Monday, February 16, 2015

11:11 Music Festival World Beyond Wishes: Feb 20 2015

11:11! Make a wish! We’ve all waited for the clock to strike 11:11 at one point in our lives – we wait so we can wish our heart’s desire. Have you ever wished to celebrate 11:11 with your friends and just have fun while cherishing the moment?

The Most Outstanding Professional Organization in De La Salle University Manila, Economics Organization, brings its first-ever music festival: the 11:11 Music Festival! Experience 11:11 like never before! The 11:11 Music Festival aims to bring you a music experience like no other by promoting the country’s music scene and highlighting Original Pilipino Music (OPM) at its best. An ultimate music festival experience of Indie, Alternative Rock, and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) all together in one event! A definitely fun-filled day as we sing along with our very own local bands and dance the night away with our homegrown Djs!

The 11:11 Music Festival will not only be an avenue for the country’s music industry but it will also be an opportunity to promote social responsibility in the entrepreneur market by having concessionaires that will serve the 11:11 audience well and complement the goals of the music festival. You will surely enjoy 11:11 concessionaires as they give you the best food in town, as well as very fun interactive games during the event.

Aside from that, there will be a Picnic Party at daytime where you can sit and enjoy the green field while relishing sumptuous food from our concessionaires and soothing music from our 11:11 Battle of the Bands finalists and other indie bands like Between Archery and Olympic, Autotelic, Identikit, Flying Ipis and a lot more. Throughout the day, there will be a Giant Wishing Wall where people will post their wishes & goals for the New Year. At nighttime, experience a quality OPM x EDM party with your favorite local bands and Djs such as Urbandub, Franco, Paraluman, Dj Ace Ramos, Rammy Bitong, Benefict Pacia, Edleen Lim, Curse & Bless, MC Gab Canlas, and many more! As we all wait for 11:11! Yes, there is a countdown to 11:11 where we will all release our troubles and fears together, as there would be LED Balloon Flying and Grand Confetti!

This is more than just a wishful thinking! Grab your friends, pick up your most hipster outfits and head down to Greenfield District, Mandaluyong on the 20th of February, 2015 and enjoy a whole day filled with music, fun, and wishes!

For more of 11:11 Music festival’s details and line up please visit our official facebook page:  or follow them on Twitter: @1111musicfest and Instagram: @1111musicfestival! Make a wish and reach for the sky as we celebrate 11:11 the loudest!


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