Thursday, October 16, 2014

H&M x Alexander Wang Collection

Finally, the first H&M Store will open at SM Megamall tomorrow October 17, 2014! Don't miss out on H&M Megamall Store Opening Promo to enjoy awesome discounts and freebies, plus..of course a great variety of fashionable apparels, body wear including David Beckham's Bodywearresort wear, and fab accessories at awesome prices.

When the collaboration between the Swedish Retail Giant, H&M and one of New York's top designers, Alexander Wang was announced early this year, everyone is dying to catch a glimpse of this collection. Finally, the collection will be out in November! 

Here's a preview of Alexander Wang's collection for H&M.

More of the collection HERE.

I can't wait to see Alexander Wang Collection for H&M at Megamall.


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