Friday, June 15, 2012

Great Finds: Quirks Novelties & Curiosities

Funky stuff....unique gift home decors...
products that put a smile to your face...
these are what QUIRKS is all about!  

QUIRKS is your one-stop shop for unique, quirky, distinctive, and interesting finds! You’ll never know what you’ll find. 

Turning a predictable space into one of unexpected discovery, QUIRKS Novelties & Curiosities was born out of a love for items which infuse irreverence and humor into everyday living. Quirks bring you conventional objects which twist tradition, inject life into the lackluster and alter the mundane into something magical.

Have you ever thought that this Switch is a salt & pepper dispenser?  Cool, right!

QUIRKS brings a unique vision to the Philippines gift and novelties industry. With items imported from USA, UK, Thailand, Japan and Hong Kong (and a network of 19 suppliers and growing), the product portfolio consists of items perfect to give as gifts or to give yourself! These are for people who appreciate good design and want something beyond the cookie-cutter home and gift items available. They've also gone further and made sure that these items don’t just look nice, they are also practical and useful.  Here are some of them:

Globoy Solar Night Light - During the day, GloBoy is a sleepy sentinel on your windowsill. When darkness falls, flip him over on your nightstand and he gives off a warm comforting glow. GloBoy is what everybody needs - a friend that will see you through the dark times! Guaranteed to scare away monsters under the bed and hiding in the closet. The solar-charged battery powers him for up to 6 hours.

Hummingbird Glass Tags - Let these Hummingbirds join your party! They’re a great decor to any get-together, and because they come in different colors, they’ll even help identify which glass is whose.  Imported from Thailand. QUIRKS is the exclusive distributor of QUALY in the Philippines. 

Stick-It-Easy Clock - This clock is made of an innovative material that sticks on most shiny surfaces—windows, mirrors, glass, refrigerator! Stick the numbers and hands any which way you want.  Available in classic, sailor and monster designs.

And you know what? They also have fun and unique gift ideas for Father's are some:

Comfort Rules Backscratcher - If there's one person you can count on, it's Dad. You're sure he will always have your back. So, why not help him scratch his?  

Caps Lock Bottle Stopper - When you’ve finished the glass but not the bottle, what’s to stop the wine from going off?  This save stopper looks like it’s just come off a keyboard but fits neatly into a wine bottle neck to keep everything nice and fresh until you fancy another glass. Which is why they are marked  ‘Save’ rather than ‘Escape’ or ‘End'.

Hang On Accessory Tree - Decorative and practical accessory tree for necklaces, glasses, watches, wallets, etc. Available in white and black.

Key Dish - Keep your dad's keys organized with this iconic key dish. Features extra storage for coins and other pocket clutter.  Also available in white.

Touch Pencil Stylus - They say the pen is mightier than the sword, so by extension it’s safe to assume the pencil is mightier than the finger. Make you and your smartphone look even smarter with our Touch Pencil Stylus. A chunky retro pencil shape makes it easy to hold and easy to use on smartphones and other devices with touchscreen technology. It’s the most stylish stylus money can buy!  There are two types of touch screen; 'capacitive' or 'resistive'. The Touch Stylus is designed to work with both! Capacitive touchscreens (used on the iPhone, iPod & iPad) use electrodes to sense the conductive properties of objects, such as your finger. That's why an iPhone will work if you touch it with your finger - but not with a pencil, pen etc. Resistive touch screens work in the way you might first imagine a activated by your finger and other objects.

The Mighty Wallet! Yeah... it's a wallet. Printed with the nostalgic "Airmail / Par Avion" border that elicits travel and exotic foreign countries, the Airmail Mighty Wallet® is Quirks' cornerstone wallet design. Mighty Wallet, the most innovative wallet you’ll ever have. Tear-resistant and water-resistant, the Mighty Wallet might look like paper but it’s actually as strong as a rock. Made from a single sheet of Tyvek (the same material used in express mail envelopes), the Mighty Wallet easily adapts to your storage needs as it has no stitching whatsoever--whether it be mighty, mightier or mightiest! And just to kick it up a notch, the Mighty Wallet is 100% recyclable with 25% of its material coming from recycled milk and water bottles. Save your money and save the earth.  Available in over 20 different designs. 

The Undercover Tablet Sleeve - You can't get on a train or bus these days without seeing some dude or dudette surfing the web on their tablet. So it's high time team for a thief-thwarting tablet sleeve! It's the style conscious solution to the issue of tablet-transport.  Plus, thanks to its strong PE foam construction and tough outer layer made of tyvek, the Undercover Tablet Sleeve is shock-protected, splash-proof, writable and tearproof. Phew! Now your pride and joy can be safe and sound under the guise of a battered old envelope!  Imported from UK.  QUIRKS is the exclusive distributor of Luckies of London in the Philippines.

These products span a wide gamut of inventive and innovative items! These are grouped into 4 major categories ranging from home ornaments which includes kitchen, bath, hooks, clocks; living items like barware, travel must-have’s, mugs; gadgets such as speakers, headphones; and desk accessories like boards, magnets, mouse pads. So, say no to the endless gifting of yet another picture frame. Revolt against decorating your space with the same old boring vase and lamp. Refuse to carry around that dull mug that everyone has.

Quirks' Store / Branch Locations:
3F Power Plant Mall : 757.3096
UGF SM Megamall A : 720.2535
4F SM Aura Premier: 808.5720
LGF Estancia Mall: 656.1718
1F UP Town Center: 718.5155

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